Photo courtesy of Paul Mitchell Salon

Number: 79

Position: Referee

Motto: I am forlorn.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Shy, Gentle

Height: 69”

Likes: Fast and Clean Roller Derby, Vegan Food, Games, Philosophy

Dislikes: Penalties, Injuries, Anger, Traditions

Bio: A multi-sport athlete as a child, he grew tired of traditional sports and went through many changes in the next decade, leading up to some of the biggest changes a person can go through. After finding herself, Sigh Ren naturally became interested in the rebellious sport of roller derby, particularly the referees who both skate and keep the game fair. Sigh Ren wanted to be both as loud as an emergency siren and as alluring as the mythological siren. Thus far, Sigh Ren has been more like a deep sigh than a true siren, and is mysterious to everyone but her closest friends. After 6 bouts in the black and white stripes in less than a year, Sigh Ren is growing gradually in skill, and is ready for new challenges. If Sigh Ren starts to play derby too, will she be able to find harmony jamming with the team, or will she end up becoming road kill? The future is uncertain, but the present moment is clear to those who can see beyond the black and white lines!