Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

AKA: Sigh Ren

Number: 79

Position: Any an d all

Height: 5’9″ / 69″ Bare

Motto: Peace and Long Life!

Favorite food: Peanut Butter & Jelley

Favorite drink: Juice (Straight Edge)

Warning: Vulcan Death Grip

Likes: Fast and Clean Roller Derby, Vegan Food, Games, Philosophy

Dislikes: Penalties, Injuries, Anger, Traditions

Hometown: Troy

Signature move: Vulcan Salute

Distinguishing Characteristics: Stoic, Silent, Androgynous

Athletic background: High school soccer, track, and volleyball from 1993 to 1997. Referee starting in 2011. Transitioned to skater in 2012.

Bio: They are Vulcanizer and Sigh Ren: A multi-sport athlete as a child who grew tired of traditional sports as an adult, they went through many changes in the next decade, leading up to some of the biggest changes a person can go through. After becoming their true self, they naturally became interested in the rebellious sport of roller derby, particularly the referees who both skate and keep the game fair. The new referee Sigh Ren had been mysterious to everyone but their closest friends, but that was soon to change. After many bouts in the black and white stripes in less than a year, Sigh Ren was growing in skill, and was ready for different challenges. Now that Sigh Ren has also become Vulcanizer and joined the league as a skater, their knowledge of the sport is better than most fresh skaters. Can Vulcanizer live long and prosper on the flat track, rather than just around it? The future is uncertain, but the present moment is clear to those who can see beyond the black and white lines. The logical implications of this journey are fascinating!