Short Temper

AKA: Turducken

AqFjlBI2IkEGU2av6NJxBcpmAvN1Tf2Kzz2VlQ1eVDENumber: 4’11”

Motto: Show them what you’re worth.  Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Warning: Look out below.

Likes: sitting on your shoulders for a better view; parachuting off bar stools, telling you to get.

Dislikes: high shelves; basketball; being in the company of middle schoolers

Hometown: Planet Claire – “She drove a Plymouth Satellite // Faster than the speed of light!”

Signature Move: Her jammer start, AKA The Turducken Trot

Distinguishing Characteristics: mustachioed helmet

Bio: A bouncing baby Temper was born nearly a quarter century ago to a delighted and proud Mr. and Mrs. Temper. In her younger years, her demeanor was pleasant, with her “terrible twos” lasting but one whole day of screaming “no!” But, from that day after, it was yes, yes, YES!

Short T grew up a positive and carefree girl until one day, at age 18, she realized she still couldn’t ride half the kiddie rides at Hoffman’s Playland. Upon this despicable revelation, she vowed from that day on to become faster than a roller coaster and jump higher than a ferris wheel. Heightism is for clowns, and they can stay at the carnival. Now it’s all about the rink, where there’s no restriction on height, sass, velocity…or temper.