Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Name: Shockratease

Position: Blocker, jammer, pivot

Number: 511

Distinguishing Characteristics: Fast- as- lightning speed; a tendency to yell when opponents get too close

Likes: Rebellious personalities, grippy wheels, sneaky whips, playdough

Dislikes: Gravel, “no skating” signs, back blocking, bad attitudes, pretentiousness

Bio: Shockratease’s mother was an underground roller derby queen who perfected the elusive “pop-and-lock hip check,” the most lethal maneuver ever to be executed on the track. After being thrown out of a championship bout for hitting a spectator, she left the roller derby scene and married a mafia boss, who introduced her to a life of crime. Apparently, roller skates make getaways much easier. Shock eventually left her family in order to join a band of skater-philosophers who espoused subversive thinking and insubordination in all its forms, ultimately joining the Hellions in order to advance the rollergirl revolution.