Risky Chaser

Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

AKA: Risky

Number: 100 Proof

Position: Anywhere anytime

Height: 5’6″ without skates

Motto: “The more you do it, the less it hurts.” What? I’m talking about sports!

Favorite food: Kim chee

Favorite drink: Whiskey Chaser, of course. Specifically, pickleback shots.

Warning: May cause intoxication

Likes: Speed and sweat

Dislikes: BMW drivers and bullies

Bio: After a long career of sprinting, marathon running, adventure racing, cycling, soccer, sailing, surfing, snowboarding and ski racing, Risky Chaser found herself half-naked in a dank but cheerful Albany bar, throwing back a line of victory whiskeys after taking 1st place in the Lark Street Santa Speedo Sprint. She had just slurred to the bartender “What next?” when the guitar rift from “Sister Christian” blasted its crescendo from the juke box and, as if on cue, in whizzed a throng of tattooed hot mamas on roller skates. They spun and giggled and slammed into each other, then handed Risky a flyer that said, “We want YOU to play roller derby!” Risky fell off her barstool and blacked out. When she came to, she was wearing a smirk, a Johnny Walker label on her left ass cheek, and roller skates. And she knew. This was it.