Needles N Pins

Number: 10 Gauge

Position: Everywhere

Distinguishing Characteristics: Ink, clipboard, attitude

Likes: Bonfires, Coors Light, sharp metal objects, Scarbucks, and any kind of meat

Dislikes: Stupidity, sleeved shirts, fancy beers and vegetarian cuisine

Bio: Needles was picked up at an early age on a shelf in K-Mart, where she was mistakenly purchased as a Cabbage Patch Doll, complete with a single left dimple and yarny hair. Her owners quickly abandoned her once they pulled her pants down and realized she did not embrace the Xavior Roberts tattoo on her tush. After humiliation, she made a sound decision to fulfill what her “then” owners were looking for in her. She spent her life tattooing images on her body to prove that she was worth more than $19.95 plus tax. The day came that she realized she was not worthy of being purchased after all – she was priceless. She realized too that her life lacked excitement, fun & chaos. She stumbled upon the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby and quickly became entranced with their cult-ish ways. With a strong dose of crazy pills, she is now complete.