Miss Ida Feltersnatch

Motto: “Because, you see, I have this little policy about honesty and ass kicking, which is: if you ask for it, I have to let you have it.”

Position: Announcer. Zebra. Backrow Blocker. Once described as ‘the backrow cutie with the killer patootie!’

Number: 8

Height: 5’6″

Distinguishing Characteristics: Ida got a big ol’ butt… oh yeah!

Likes: girls, glitter, girls, tattoos, girls, body mods, girls, the color pink, girls, bois, girls, and knockin’ a bitch flat on her ass with a hit to the sternum… oh, and girls.

Favorite Food: Cupcakes!

Dislikes: Dunkin’ Donuts (they call that shit an iced latte?)

Injuries Sustained: You’re funny.

Penalties/Feuds/Bad Behavior: On going family feud with her estranged sister Jezibelle N Hell of the Albany All Stars.

Also, Ida someday hopes to serve time in the box for engaging with no wheels on the track… just like AGA.

Heros: Anne Calvello, Beth Ditto, Eve Ensler and Miss Piggy. You could also listen to ‘Hot Topic’ by Le Tigre!

Awards/Good Behavior: Ida can think of a few awards for certain good behaviors, though not suitable for print… just like her last name.

Bio: After Miss Ida was rumored to have been found having relations with the Prom Queen and the Head Cheerleader she was proudly dismissed from her all girl private school. She then found the intellictual feminists at Smith a lil too dry so she left their Women’s Studies Dept in search of the meaning of life. After several run-ins with the Bad Idea Bears she found her true calling when she slapped on a pair of skates and discovered the modern day 3rd wave feminism DIY movement that is Roller Derby.