Luci D. Dream

Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Position: ref extraordinaire

Height: 5’9″ish

Motto: Your finger-whistle is your best friend.

Favorite drink: Hummingbirds, Blue Moons, or any sweet highballs

Likes: Geekery and Nerdeliciousness

Dislikes: Made-up words and self-referential humor

Distinguishing Characteristics: Flamboyant lipstick

Bio: Luci enjoys collaborative activities in which individuals work together for a greater purpose and has been caught participating in bell choirs and Japanese drumming ensembles to the horror of her friends and family. The photographic evidence involves more four-eyes and tinsel-teeth than is safe for general consumption. Reffing roller derby is the latest manifestation of her desire to play nice with others. She imposes this joy on skaters as much as she can. Will they ever see it her way?

2012 is Luci’s second season reffing with the Hellions.
For 2012, Luci plans to make an appearance at:
WFTDA Eastern Regionals
WFTDA North Central Regionals
MRDA Northeast region events