Knockout Kid

Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Number: 95

Catchphrase: “COUNT IT!”

Likes: pummeling, pedicures, and persecution

Distinguishing Characteristics: boxing gloves, curly hair

Bio: Only a few years after being born into the underground carnival life, K.O. was accidentally left behind after her carni-family was attacked by a group of restless locals.  Forced to live in society’s underbelly, she eventually learned that her only chance for survival among the vagabonds and thieves was by brute force and shear will.

On one gloomy night, lying cold and hungry in a leaky alley, K.O.’s potential for greatness was observed by a cloaked Mr. Miyagi. And after bringing her back to his secret dojo, she began intense training. K.O. grew to be a very honorable student, although with her wild and often untamable nature, she longed to be free from the strict disciplines of martial arts.

Upon leaving the dojo, she joined an illegal boxing circuit where she earned the name “Knockout Kid”. But boxing wasn’t fast enough for the ‘Kid’ and after witnessing the brutality of a Hellion in the rink, she decided to leave the criminal life for good and enter the bare knuckle world of roller derby.