Ivanna Spearabitch

Number: 76

Position: Blocker

Height: wooooo

Hometown: transylvania

Distinguishing Characteristics: spearing bitches

Likes: violence, motorcycles, violence, hip hop, violence, guns, oh and violence

Loves: men……….. necks……….. men

Motto: bite me (gotta love vampires)

Dislikes: liars, cheaters, and people who dont take direction!

Bio: Born on the Hills of a transylvanian village, Ivanna was spearing bitches from birth. She started young, in charge of security for the Count. Later, she found that there is more action in the U.S. She hopped a coffin and floated over at first sundown. After working black ops (shhhhhhhh), Ivanna ran into a few girls that speared like she could. After tasting derby blood she found her calling. Ivanna strapped on some skates and has been spearing bitches on the track ever since. We just cant pin point her age… after all she is the living dead…