Delinquent Dollie

Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Number: 40DD

Bio: With pigtails and rosie cheeks, Dollie arrived at her fifth foster home at the innocent age of three and a half. With a fierce toddler attitude and a taste for temper tantrums, she was untamed and unwanted. As she grew older, Dollie turned to a life of crime at a young age. Theft, vandalism and violence had become her family. Years of juvenile delinquency and trips in and out of the slammer earned her the name Delinquent Dollie. One night while preparing to tag yet another unsuspecting business, Dollie saw an interesting flyer plastered to the stores window. The girls on this flyer looked tough and mean. This is just what she had been looking for. A group of girls just like her! Roller Derby? Dollie decided to check it out. The Hellions of Troy would become her new and true family! Dollie now uses HoT Roller Derby to channel her violent rebellion against her unsuspecting competitors!