Deadlie Mercury

Hair/makeup courtesy of Stiletto Salon Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Number: D20

Position: My booty in front of you

Height: 5’9″ (without skates)

Motto: The personality of a rockstar and the strategy of a gamer

Likes: Ponies and Batman

Dislikes: Sternum checks

Hometown: Troy- WHAT?!

Signature move: Rolling for initiative.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Swagger

Bio: Deadlie Mercury was your run in the mill, mild-mannered geek until she put on a pair of skates and found out she could be a super hero by night. Now she brings justice to the track along side some strategy and sweet booty blocks. Though just because you’re her opponent doesn’t mean you can’t be friends at the afterparty. Just watch out for her during the bout, you just may provoke an attack of opportunity.