Name: Crickhit

Number: 294

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Height: 5’0″ NO SKATES

Motto: Midget Legs!

Favorite drink: Chocolate Milk

Likes: Hitting people, not falling over, watching cat videos on youtube

Dislikes: New skates, Ham, George Bush, People that hit when the jam has already been called off

Distinguishing Characteristics: Youngest member, HOLLA

Biography: After failing miserably at all sports in high school, young Crickhit longed for an outlet. She found release through art and singing, but still craved more. One fateful day, after her 18th birthday, Crickhit was visited by the derby gods. They bestowed a glimmering pair of beautiful black skates to the young girl, and demanded she do all that she could to satisfy them.