Asa Diamonds

Photograph courtesy Dino Petrocelli

Number: 1

Position: NSO

Motto: Asa Diamonds is a girl’s best friend.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Always holding fistfuls of diamonds and playing cards.

Likes: Diamonds, Card Games

Dislikes: Black Widows

Bio: The love child of a French courtesan and a professional poker player, Asa was set for a charmed life right from the start.

Following her father around the world, she learned all about the cut-throat, conniving villainy that is needed in high stakes card playing. Later, she went to live with her mother in Paris, where she learned about the finer things in life, including every girl’s best friend: Diamonds.

After leaving France for more adventure she landed in upstate New York of all places, where she found the Hellions. With the perfect combination of flamboyancy and brashness of roller derby, Asa knew she had found her true calling.