Anne the Bonny Basher

Anne the Bonny BasherNumber: 42

Position: Blocker

Distinguishing Characteristics: using her booty to take down opponents, skull bandanna, spider webs all over, towel and that spaced out look like she really doesn’t belong here.

Likes: bashing into skaters, the open sea, 3.14…rats, space flight, hanging out at Callahan’s and Lady Sally’s, spiders, sci-fi and arrrgyle!

Dislikes: not bashing into the jammer, scurvy, the plank, regular rats, people who don’t like roller derby and the establishment.

Bio: She was born in the year 4242 on Trantor, a major hub planet at the time. At the tender age of 13 she was abducted to a slave ship. During transport she joined with Henry Martyn’s revolt and served under him for awhile. While working under the privateer Admiral Naismith she discovered roller derby, left full time piracy and has never looked back! She continued with free lance work which lead her to that fateful time mission under the command of Lazurus Long. During that mission, while visiting our Earth, Anne was accidentally left behind wounded. When she recovered from her injuries she joyfully discovered that although roller derby was in its infant stages it was around. During her down time she scours the seven seas and continents looking for treasure so she can build a space ship and return to space. She also hopes for a day when Dora (the ship) and Long come back for her and she can return to her home on the continuum.