Epic Kate-tastrophe

Events Manager

AKA: Epic

EpicKatetastrope603Number: 603

Position: Blocker and jammer.

Height: 5’8”

Warning: May cause disasters.

Likes: Derby, anything pink, looking pretty, hitting and knocking down players from the other team.

Dislikes: The opposing team, complaining, losing, penalties, being told she can’t do something.

BIO: Like tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, Epic Kate-tastrophe wreaks havoc wherever she goes. You looked at her and made the mistake of thinking she’s pretty, she’s young, she’s sweet—how bad can it be? In a violent whirlwind she comes toward you and, as you are knocked to the ground, you’re hit by the dawning realization that you are the victim of a natural disaster: the victim of an EPIC KATE-TASTROPHE. As you stumble and struggle back to your feet, you say a quiet prayer and vow to never cross her path again. The Hellions of Troy have harnessed the power of a true force of nature and her name is Epic!