The Hellions of Troy Roller Derby League, formed in 2008, is part of the modern women’s roller derby phenomenon. The league is composed of upwards of 40 skaters split into an A and B team, the Hellions and the Herculadies respectively.

The Hellions of Troy are dedicated to making the sport as fast, strategic, and gripping as possible. They are 100 percent skater owned and operated, with members running all aspects of league management, including bout production, coaching, public relations, and merchandising.  We are always looking for new skaters, refs, and volunteers to join the league.

group shot

The Hellions strive to promote athleticism and camaraderie among their skaters through competitive sport, regular practice, and do-it-yourself organization and management. They became full members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in December 2012.  While today’s leagues maintain the flashy uniforms, tongue in cheek skater names, and rock and roll ethic of the past, modern roller derby is a 100% real, aggressive, full contact competition of skill and strategy, unlike the staged bouts of the 70s and 80s.

In the past few years, the sport has experienced a worldwide explosion, with hundreds of leagues popping up from sea to shining sea. These ladies are aren’t paid to play, it’s the DIY foundation and love of the sport that keeps these local librarians, nurses, artists, analysts, students, sales associates, and any other profession you can think of, coming back week after week and bruise after bruise.